People Who Speak Yiddish for Obama

Now here’s a great website: It’s encouraging young Jews to call or visit their grandparents in Boca and tell them to vote Obama. The Jewish Council for Education and Research is behind this ad campaign, and it’s simple and funny. Video from Sarah Silverman? Check. PDF file of why Obama ♥’s Israel? Check. And most importantly: a giant link to their Facebook page? You bet.

This made the rounds on Time‘s The Page this morning, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it get more coverage later this week.

The United States of Agreeableness

So a psychological research journal has a new survey out ranking the states (plus D.C.) in five categories: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness. I’m a bit surprised to see that my home state of Maryland ranked last in terms of extroverts.

This did not surprise me however: D.C. ranks first in openness and second-to-last in agreeableness.

Alaska was the only state to rank lower than D.C. in the agreeableness category. No word yet on how the numbers compare to the years before Sarah Palin became governor.

A Thought

The state of Missouri is very clear in their stance against torture. Which makes me wonder: why exactly are mid-Missouri residents forced to watch both a Chiefs and a Rams game every Sunday?

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From Fire Joe Morgan:

Daniel Oshinsky of the Rocky Mountain News reports from Beijing that FJM is inaccessible in China.

I find this to be excellent.

What’s the matter, China? Can’t handle EqA? Big fans of bunting over there? Love Livan Hernandez, hate Johan Santana?

We will not stop blogging until every Chinese citizen has the right to read curse-filled nonsense about Dusty Baker. And that is a kind-of promise!

From Soccer American:

Columnist Dan Oshinsky has been trying to work out the U.S. equivalent to China’s first Olympic track and field gold medalist, Liu Xiang. And then he came up with an answer — the men’s national soccer team. Liu shattered for the Chinese “the stereotype that they cannot compete in any sprint-type event. Chinese regard him as a symbol of progress here, perhaps even a symbol of China’s future as a superpower in many new, diverse regions of economics and politics.” Bob Bradley’s boys could do the same for the USA.