How I Dealt With Those Pesky Thanksgiving Questions

I have a very large extended family. They’re goofy and loud and, above all, prone to asking the same questions repeatedly. If there’s one thing I hate about seeing my family, it’s having to answer the same question a dozen times during dinner. And since I’m a very tall college senior who’s just returned from China, their questions tend to be incredibly predictable.

So I came up with a new strategy tonight. Before leaving for dinner, I wrote down the following words on a piece of paper:

1. School is good.
2. No, I don’t have a job yet.
3. China was fun.
4. Yes, I grew again.

Then I copied those questions answers onto a dozen pieces of paper and handed them out to all of my uncles and aunts upon arrival. And wouldn’t you know it: I didn’t have to deal with any repetitive small talk tonight, leaving me free to watch the game instead.