Porkus Maximus.

There are a number of Latin phrases that I’m particularly fond of. Among them: “Ex nihilo nihil fit.”

Which means, “Everything has its origins in something.” 1. Except, apparently, this.

If you’ve come here from Twitter expecting to find news of swine flu in Doloma, Missouri, well, sorry. There’s no swine flu in Doloma. If you type it into Google, you’ll find that here’s no such town as Doloma. 2. And you really need to stop clicking on every link related to swine flu. Calm down, and go wash your hands. We’ll be fine. I promise.3.

I’ll leave you with a final thought: “Ut totus amicitia.”

Which, if Caesar was a Bugs Bunny fan, would’ve meant something like, “That’s all folks.”


1.) It also means “work is required to succeed,” though I can’t say I support such a viewpoint. >back to article

2.) For the record: “ex dolo malo” is Latin for “from fraud.” >back to article

3.) This promise based on no scientific research or proof on my part. >back to article