How Many ‘R’s Are There in Arugula?

A brief story, told via Twitter.

  1. danoshinsky
    danoshinsky I may or may not have just spent 30 minutes looking for arugula at the grocery store. No one — myself included — knew what it looked like.
  2. danoshinsky
    danoshinsky And then, as I’m in line, about to give up, a store employee runs over, screaming out, “SIR! SIR!” and holding a bag of arugula in his hand.
  3. danoshinsky
    danoshinsky It’s quite green and leafy. Who knew?
  4. danoshinsky
    danoshinsky The worst part, actually, is that it was in hot pink packaging. No idea how I missed that.

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H/T to Jing a Ling for the photo of arugula, QuoteURL for the help posting these Tweets, and the Giant Food staff for valiantly searching for my dinner.