What Was It That I Was Supposed to Remember, Exactly?

Two things that play really well on the Internet: sarcasm and lists. Last summer, I tried to combine both into a segment from Beijing that I called “What I’ve Learned.” As my week in San Antonio is winding down, I wanted to post a few initial impressions from this city.

-Real late-night drive-throughs have two lanes.

-Someone named Bill Miller is making a killing in this town.

-Air conditioning is not part of the lifestyle here; it is the lifestyle.

-If Eva Longoria shows up at a Wendy’s in town, nobody will seem surprised.

-I-10 West really goes North, and I-10 East really goes South. This is understood.

-There may not be a chicken in every pot, but there is a Mexican restaurant on every block.

-Going the wrong way? There’s a turnaround for that.

-Things are bigger in Texas, but it only takes 10 minutes to drive into downtown.

-And they still rent Chevy Aveos here.

-Some people end their conversations with “Hook ’em horns.” Many people do not want to be associated with these people.

-There was something I was supposed to remember in this town. What was it, exactly?


H/T to tomasland for the photo.