On: Politico 44, and Excesses. (Or, a Project That Demands Our President Return to His Base.)

Michael Wolff’s got an outstanding read on Politico in this month’s Vanity Fair, and one section, in particular, caught my eye:

…In a world where there are no space limits on what you can publish, why be picky or restrictive? The “Politico 44” column is called “a living diary of the Obama presidency,” and, indeed, it is no more discriminating or less self-involved than a teenage girl’s daily jottings, or anybody’s reflexive and idle tweets.

And yet, no matter its excesses [italics mine], it is all read hungrily and obsessively. Although “read” may not be the word—more monitored like an EKG.

So today, I was checking the 44’s pulse when I came across this little update:

Per TV pool and W.H. staff, Obama has unexpectedly returned to his hotel for a few minutes…..unclear precisely why….may just be a comfort stop…meanwhile the assembled press masses await…announcement made by Russians that Obama called a timeout in advance of presser… — Josh Gerstein (10:29 a.m.)

A “comfort stop”? Apparently, our President can’t even enjoy a bowel movement without it being international news.

Excesses, indeed.


One post-script: personally, I hope that the President at least squeezed in this joke at some point.