A Dan Oshinsky Birthday Wish: Today, Do Something That Scares You.

It's my birthday? It's my birthday.

Today is my birthday. I haven’t wished for something on my birthday in a long time, but hell, I’m 25, and I’m feeling old. So here’s my wish.

This wish is for you.

Today, I wish that you’ll read this and do something that scares you. You’ll say something out loud that you’ve been afraid to say. You’ll try something that you’ve been afraid to try. You’ll do something a little bit crazy.

On this 25th birthday of mine, I feel so, so very lucky to have the chance to work on Stry.us. This thing scares the absolute crap out of me, but it’s a joy to wake up with that fear. It keeps me going.

I beg you today to experience some of that fear. Please: Go do something that scares you. A little thing or a big thing — it doesn’t matter what it is.

But every good thing in this world starts with action. Forget the fear. Today, you have my birthday permission to ignore it and try something insane.

Today: Do something.

That’s my birthday wish.