Welcome to danoshinsky.com 2.0.

“People respect perfection, but they fall in love with imperfection.” — Derek Shanahan

I started this blog four years ago. The first post was a photo gallery. Since, blog posts have been a little all over the place.

But starting in January, this blog got focused. It’s no coincidence that as I got focused with Stry.us, the blog took on a similar state of zen.

This year, I’ve finally found the groove for danoshinsky.com. This is a blog about doing great work, hustling, and making things happen.

Behind all of this is a promise from me to you — a promise to share lessons about doing great work.

So that’s why I decided to update the name of the name of the blog. You’ll still find this blog at danoshinsky.com. But it’s now called “Good. Better. Done.” (1) The name comes from a post I wrote in April, one of my favorites here on the blog.

“Good. Better. Done.” is only the start of what will be a big revamping of this site over the coming months. I’m really excited to unveil what’s next, and to start building a stronger community around great work.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the new site. Let’s do great work this week.

Photo at top via @lovagebuzzage.

  1. I was inspired by blogs by Chris Guillebeau and Alexis Grant, who’ve done a similar things with their blogs.