I Am 25 Years Old. This Is What I Believe.

I am 25 years old, and I’m going through a period of transition in my life. I know, I know: I wrote the same thing last year. And when I sit down to write this post next year, there’s a good chance I’ll say the same thing.

Yes, I know: The mid-20s are an unstable time — there isn’t anything yet to anchor me down (a family, a home, a city, a career). Things are changing, and that’s been a good thing. Change has brought me some really amazing opportunities.

At age 25, there are certain things I’ve come to believe hold true. I know that my beliefs will change. I know that I will change.

But here, at 25, is what I believe.

I believe that…

• People who hustle are the best kinds of people.
• There is nothing quite like the feeling of “done.”
• Respect must be earned. Passion must be shared. Rules must be ignored.
• People who refuse to talk things out are people who don’t belong in your life.
• Nothing good has ever come from a “reply all” email.
• The same goes for reading YouTube comments.
• Next year really is our year, Nats fans.
• When you’re “close,” that just shows you have far you still have to go.
• There really shouldn’t be people in the workforce who are younger than me, but there are. And that’s because you’re getting old, Dan. Just deal with it.
• We need more people who are willing to be kind.
• We need more people who are willing to struggle.
• We need more people who are willing to serve.

And most of all: Today is a work day. Today, we must do great work. It’s our time.