Don’t Go With The Crowds.

A very smart thing I heard Warren Buffett say this weekend: “You can’t afford to go along with the crowd.”

He had been asked at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting about some of the new trends out there — internet stocks, new technology, new currencies. People wanted to know what he thought about that.

We’ll leave that to other people, he told the crowd. If we don’t understand it, we won’t do it.

He kept going. “We don’t have any pressures to do that stuff,” he said. “We don’t give a damn.”

I love that.

Do what you do well. Do it with the best team you can find. Do it with energy and passion.

Don’t get jealous, and don’t go chasing thing you don’t understand.

When you chase the crowds, you steer yourself away from what you do best. And you don’t have time to do that.

Do what you do, and don’t worry about the rest.