Katrina, Eight Years Later.


Eight years ago today, Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. I’ve written this before: There aren’t a lot of big news stories on the eighth year anniversary of a storm. In two years, for the 10th anniversary, every TV truck in the Western hemisphere will be down in the French Quarter to cover the story. Not this year.

But there are a few great stories coming out of the Gulf Coast this morning:

The Times-Picayune has a fantastic story about a message in a bottle that was dropped into the rising waves of Katrina — found, and finally reunited with its writer.

The Huffington Post has numbers about life in New Orleans after the storm. Some good; many tragic.

In Waveland, Miss., they’re opening a Ground Zero Hurricane Museum. In Long Beach, they’re re-opening a university. In New Orleans, they’re celebrating the return of businesses.

And down the road, families are still trying to rebuild — from not one, but two storms.

And of course: I remember the ones who opened their doors to me three years ago, and let me hear their stories. I’m thankful for them, and thinking of them this morning.