Going Above And Beyond.

There’s a saying you’ve heard before: “That person went above and beyond.”

And I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people go far beyond what should be expected to deliver something amazing. It really does happen.

But I’d argue that for the most part, going “above and beyond” doesn’t require us to go as far as we think.

What we expect out of people is… well, often not much. We don’t demand incredible things out of most people. Our expectations are low.

And so when people go just a little out of their way to help, we’re often amazed.

It really doesn’t take as much as you think in this world to get someone’s attention. A small act of kindness. A commitment to putting in the work each day.

We don’t demand as much as we should from other people, but that gives us a huge opportunity. Little things often make a huge impression. Going above and beyond isn’t nearly as hard as we think.