Where Do You Do Your Best Work?


There is a zone where I do my best work, and it usually involves one thing: A lack of time.

If I’ve got deadlines that can’t be broken, that’s when I usually do great work. Take Wednesday, for instance. I had a flight home at 3pm. I had a few work assignments, and I needed to go on location to do some reporting for a story.

Just having those constraints made me insanely productive. Usually, my days are filled with a fair amount of time wasting on Twitter or YouTube. And there’s a time for that, a time to find awesome things to read or cool things to watch, and to get inspired.

But then there’s the place where I do my best work: When I’m focused, when I’ve got to get things done or else. I do amazing work in that space.

Everyone has that place where the great work gets done. Where’s yours?