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Dan Oshinsky, Director of Newsletters - BuzzFeed

After 8+ years of blogging and 500+ posts, there’s a lot to sort through on this blog. So here are my favorites.

The blog post about Springsteen that inspired the name of this site:

1. Good. Better. Done.

Posts about doing the work:

2. Do the Work. Always Do The Work.
3. Just Don’t.
4. How Long Are You Willing To Suck?
5. Some Advice to the Kid Who Was Afraid of Jumping Into the Pool This Morning.
6. The Magic Equation: Work = Passion + Hustle + Skills + Time + Tribe.
7. The Worst Piece Of Advice You Can Give.

Posts about surviving office life:

8. How To Write A Great Email.
9. 10 Things That Will Save You So Much Trouble At The Office.
10. The Power Of Saying “No.”

Posts about me:

11. 17 Things I Learned From My Day With Warren Buffett.
12. The Time MLK Day Changed My Life.
13. A Note To My High School Self, 10 Years Later.

I also write a post every Thanksgiving called “The Things I Believe.” It’s one of my favorite blog traditions. You can read every post from that series here.


All photos of me on were taken by Anthony Lindsey, and graciously re-used here with permission of Campaign Monitor.

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