Praise for the Blog

The Oshinsky PR department has asked me to pass along links from media types who, for whatever reason, actually seem to like whatever it is I’m doing over here. So here are a few newspapers jumping on the Dan Oshinsky bandwagon.

From World Magazine (official slogan: “Today’s views, Christian news”):

Baseball block: It’s no secret China’s repressive communist government blocks numerous websites that could fuel dissension amongst the proletariat. Internet surfers in China won’t be able to access pictures of Tiananmen Square or read up on the Falun Gong—both taboo subjects in China. But Rocky Mountain News reporter Daniel Oshinsky made an odd discovery while browsing the web on assignment to cover the Beijing Olympics: China also bans the baseball blog Visitors to the baseball site won’t find criticism of the communist government. Instead the site began as a lampoon on the ESPN baseball commentator who derided the use of statistical analysis to evaluate players. “Maybe they’re against those who lurk in their mother’s basement, thumbing through the dusty box scores in old editions of Sporting News,” Oshinsky mused on his newspaper blog.

I wonder if they know I’m Jewish.

And from the Denver Westword:

“The best stuff, though, came from Daniel Oshinsky, whose items feature a charmingly wide-eyed approach and a welcome bit of mirth.”

Mirth’s got to be worth at least a 15% raise, right?

The Rocky’s Bridget Johnson had a few kind words as well:

LIVE FROM BEIJING: Daniel Oshinsky is blogging about all the thing the Chinese government doesn’t want the press to focus on. That’s why he’s awesome.

My mother will be so proud.

A Quick Thank You

To all those who’ve been following my adventures in Beijing through this website, thanks. I’m much obliged to you all.

Less than two weeks left in Beijing. Tough to believe my time here is almost up.