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After more than a decade of blogging and 1,000+ posts, there’s a lot to sort through on this blog. So here are my favorites.

Posts about work:

1. Do the Work. Always Do The Work.
2. Good. Better. Done.
3. How Long Are You Willing To Suck?
4. Enough.
5. You Are Not Behind.
6. It’s OK to Believe.

Posts about surviving office life:

7. How To Write A Great Email.
8. 10 Things That Will Save You So Much Trouble At The Office.
9. The Power Of Saying “No.”
10. Stuff I Didn’t Know Was OK When I Started My First Job.
11. Before You Take A Leap, Find Your Anchor.

Posts about building your career:

12. Write It In Reverse.
13. 6 Simple Tips For Writing A Great Resume.
14. How To Network The Right Way.
15. How to Make An Introduction.
16. Three Things to Know When You Negotiate Your Contract at a New Job.
17. 5 Tips For Anyone Graduating From College This Year.
18. How Do You Know It’s Time To Leave Your Job?

Posts about managing a team:

19. What Should You Ask During a Reference Check?
20. Invest In Your People.
21. Ask Something To Learn Something.

I also write a post every Thanksgiving called “The Things I Believe.” It’s one of my favorite blog traditions. You can read every post from that series here.


All photos of me on were taken by Wesley Verhoeve, and graciously republished here with his permission.