Here, Read This: “Gone in 3.9 seconds.”

I got the question for the hundredth time the other day: Why would you leave The New Yorker now?

And what I keep saying: Right now, I have an opportunity to help a larger community — news organizations, non-profits, brands — with email. The moment exists right now for me to help, and I don’t know how long this moment will last. So if I want to help, I need to do it right now.

I was thinking of that while reading the story of JamesOn Curry, a former basketball player whose NBA career lasted all of 3.9 seconds. He was a high school star, a college star, and dominated the NBA’s minor leagues, but his actual NBA career never took off. His is a Moonlight Graham story — the athlete who made it the big leagues, but never got more than that one chance. It’s a reminder: Enjoy the moment. You never know when that might be the only one.

Read Curry’s story, “Gone in 3.9 seconds,” here on