Looking Back on 2020: The Year in Blog.

Every year, I set a goal: Write one thing per week here on the blog. This post is no. 50 — which means I’m right on track, despite everything that’s happened this year.

The blog is always a bit of time capsule, and that’s especially true this year. Looking back, it’s easy to see the fear (and uncertainty) of the early days of this pandemic; the excitement (and uncertainty) when I hit a year of Inbox Collective; the optimism (and uncertainty) as I started to look forward to 2021. (If anything, it was certainly a year of uncertainty.) But if I had to pick just five blog posts I’m most proud of this year, I’d start here:

We’re All Making This Up As We Go Along.

How I Named Inbox Collective.

Beware the Ground Beneath Your Feet.

Stress vs. Frustration.

Setting Four Types of Goals: Audience, Financial, Learning, and Leadership.