You Can.

You can make a choice to do something different.

You can go back to school, even when everyone around you wonders, “Why leave a good job?”

You can commit to learning something new, even when it’s hard. (Especially when it’s hard.)

You can build an amazing support system of family, friends, and teachers to help you through the process.

You can spend your free weekend hours studying at the library, even when your friends beg you to come out for a drink.

You can get through the doubts and the struggle. You might get knocked on your butt a few times, but you can get through it.

You can find a way — through the slog of tests and classes, and the setbacks, and even a pandemic — to reinvent yourself in a brand new career.

You can get a great new job, and do amazing work helping others.

You can, because I just watched you do it — and come out stronger on the other side.

Congratulations, Sally. You can — and you did.