You Can’t Do It All.

Right now, I’ve got a lot on my plate. I’ve got a consulting business, some upcoming workshops, and I’m building out a publication at Any one of these could be its own full-time job — I’m trying to find the right balance to do all three!

And still, I find myself getting excited about new projects.

On my to-do list, I have a big list of “Someday” projects. And true to the word, some days, I get especially excited about them. I’ll start to flesh out ideas for training more newsletter editors, or building out a digital course, or launching a magazine.

But I know I can’t do it all — there are only so many hours in the day, so I have to prioritize. My go-to tactic: I’ll add a note to my to-do list to revisit the idea about a month later. If I’m still excited about the idea after a month, then maybe that’s something I’ll actually start to work on. (Often, a month later, I’m less enthusiastic about it, which confirms that I made the right decision to wait off on that idea.)

It’s not easy to ignore an idea I’m excited about. But I know I’ll have more ideas, and I know I have plenty of work to tackle now. My challenge is staying focused and not letting the shiny new idea distract me from the work I need to do.


That’s a screenshot of a recent week on my to-do list. Lots to do — even without new ideas!