Learning How to Work Weekends With a Kid.

A sharpened pencil sits on top of a blank spiral notebook.

Weekends are different now as a new dad. Before my son was born, I’d often spend a little time on the weekend doing some work. That might mean a little time on a Saturday morning doing some writing, and then time on Sunday evening prepping for the week ahead. If I had the time, I might cross a few other things off my to-do list.

But this year, the routine’s had to change. What I realized is that on a weekend with a baby, I might be able to carve out two or three hours for work. But in that window, I’d probably only get one or two things done.

At first, getting so little done on a weekend felt like failure. I’d find myself feeling stressed on a Sunday night about how little I’d accomplished.

What I needed was a shift in mindset. Getting 1-2 things done on a weekend isn’t a failure — I’ve got a kid now! I’ve got other responsibilities!

If I get 1-2 things done, that’s a very good day.

That shift has made all the difference. If I get a few hours to take care of work, I’ll look at my to-do list and figure out what the priority task (or two) is. That’s all I’m working on that weekend. If I get through those tasks faster than expected, I don’t go back to the to-do list for additional tasks. I leave everything else for Monday morning.

Getting those 1-2 things done is more than enough.

Everything else in my life has shifted since becoming a dad — it makes sense that the way I work on weekends needed to, too.


That photo of a blank notepad and pencil comes via Kelly Sikkema and Unsplash.