You Can Make Time If You Want To.

This is a photo of a bookshelf, stacked with books on all three shelves.

It’s hard to make time for everything you want to do. I know I’ve got a big list of things I’d love to do one day — new projects, new adventures. I don’t have time for it all.

So it always comes back to this big question:

What is it you really want to do?

• Do you want to read more?
• Do you want to learn a new skill?
• Do you want to run that first 5k or 10k?
• Do you want to launch a new project?

You can’t do all of it. You can’t choose everything.

But you can make time for some of the stuff you want to do. Maybe it’s not as much time as you’d like — maybe it’s just 20 minutes a day. Maybe it’s an hour or two a week.

But it’s something. It’s enough for you to start.

Prioritize, and you may find that for something you truly care about, there may be more time in your schedule than you realized.


That’s a photo of a bookshelf, taken by Aneta Pawlik for Unsplash.