Invest in What’s Next.

A bronze bull sculpture stands proudly on Wall Street, representing the resilience and power of the financial markets. This iconic symbol serves as a reminder of the bullish optimism that drives the world of finance.

At age 30, in my annual Things I Believe post, I wrote:

You don’t need to be able to predict the future — but it helps if you can see what’s coming around the corner.

I certainly don’t know what the future holds. But I think I can see certain pieces that will matter in the decade ahead. I think small, curated, in-person events will matter. I think relationships will matter. I think expertise will matter. I think that there will still be a desire to learn new skills — that will matter.

And so I’m starting to make investments in what’s next: Dinners, writing, workshops, partnerships.

You should do the same. Try to identify what’s coming in the next month or the next year or the next decade, and start to make moves to invest in things that will help you in whatever comes next. 

Maybe that means starting to have conversations with others who operate in the space you want to move into.

Maybe that means finding ways to level up your skills in a certain area.

Maybe that means making a little time to work on the ideas you have.

Maybe that means launching something small to start to carve out your niche.

Maybe that means finding partners to work on these ideas.

Whatever’s next is coming. Time to make your investments now.


That’s the eye of the famous bull on Wall Street. This post isn’t about that type of investing, but it still seemed like a nice fit for this blog post. The photo was taken by Redd F for Unsplash.